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Tarotscopes for the Signs : April     

Posted April 1, 2024

Apply your Sun, Moon & Rising Sign. 

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Hi Fire Signs! So you know that saying April showers brings May flowers? Yeah, I'm sensing that the weather this month will most definitely match most of your emotions. This month brings hard emotional decisions concerning leaving behind a place that you've grown accustomed to. This feels like something most of you have been thinking about for a while, I'm picking up strong indication that this could be about a job or a workplace environment. Something about this environment just feels like its not doing any good for your mental health. I see gossip, being overworked and not receiving any recognition for putting in the effort, and this feels like it's not the first time these problems have came up and nothing much was done about it. I'm also getting the message about being underpaid as well. There's going to be instances and situations that you'll experience this month that will help you make a choice that will benefit you. I see many of you by the end of the month either speaking up about the situation and getting higher ups involved to resolve the situation or leaving this environment all together. I'm getting that for a few of you this work place environment is really toxic and unhealthy, I'm getting a specific message about possibly losing your job out of the blue or possibly for retaliation for speaking up about these problems. The sense of loss will feel incredibly heavy but for those that might be leaving, a new financial opportunity might pop up right after letting go what doesn't resonate with you anymore. I do see many of you regaining your mental and physical health, By the end of the month, you'll regain your confidence to accomplish your goals and to receive what you deserve. 

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Hello Earth Signs! For the month of April, I really see you coming into this embodiment of love, peace and happiness. You're sharing this beautiful energy with your closest relationships, especially family members and loved ones. I'm seeing for a lot of you sharing connections with your siblings for the most part, like little inside jokes, having each others backs, sharing ideas, aspirations and goals. Possibly even helping each other out with opportunities, money, special items? Like I said earlier, you're really sharing your wealth, not only financially but you're overall, in this abundant generous state to give back to your community, to those that have lift you up when you were down, to those that have shown you endless support. Know that whatever you give, it will come back to you tenfold. This month will feel so intense for many of you because so many good things will come your way, your emotional state will feel fulfilled, content and happy. Bask in these feelings, treasure them close and share them with those that have shared the same feelings with you. 

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Hey Air signs! So for the month of April, I'm picking up a message that many of you will need to be the bravest you've ever been. I sense a lot of determination and willpower to go through, under, over, sideways if you have to! in every obstacle that  tries to block your path to reach your goals. Hmm, but be mindful of thinking negatively, have moments of despair or lack of faith because I feel like some of these obstacles, these test, they're going to be quite triggering for some. I feel like there will be moments of temptation to see if you have any lack of discipline. Some might view these oppositions as punishments but really they're just lessons for you to learn, so you can become a better, smarter, stronger person not only to yourself but to everyone around you, many of you have the potential to become natural leaders and to be a leader you have to have the have the experience and wisdom to share with those that don't. Have hope, I sense so many of you are so brave, so strong and determined to go through with your plans to achieve success in your goals. Our minds can be so cruel to ourselves sometimes, just know that you have already created such a solid foundation for yourself already so don't lose hope over a few bumps in the road. Get out of your comfort zone and don't limit yourself, your potential and ignore new opportunities this month due to fear. You have a purpose to be in the rooms that you are in. 

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Hello Water Signs! I see for the month of April many of you sort of vibing alone for a bit this month, I see you guys just not really interested in hanging out, socializing or being around a crowd. But this doesn't feel sad or anything! On the contrary, I see you guys really enjoying your alone time, finding yourselves again, perhaps even taking yourself out on date. Just really enjoying your own presence, and if you have a pet I see you guys getting closer with them as well. This feeling of wanting to be alone feels like it comes from a period where you guys were kinda struggling a bit financially, but I see these hard times coming to an end and will finally feel relief soon. For some I see this comes after a hard time with a father figure that left some of you sort of in tough financial spot, perhaps even in a tough housing situation but I see this finally taking a turn, I also see you creating distance from this person too if they're still behaving the same way. There's a message here to be mindful though to not loose patience, try to remain as flexible as you can this month, there's no need to be excessive or try to control and dominate over certain people, try to be mindful on not to project you anger towards someone that doesn't deserve it. This is your opportunity to become a person that creates structure and establish true leadership authority. 

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