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Tarotscopes for the Signs : March     

Posted March 2, 2023

Apply your Sun, Moon & Rising Sign. 

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Hello Fire Signs! So this month of March brings forth something that has been bothering you, it's like I'm seeing someone finally pulling out a thorn. I also see protection coming in heavy towards your mental health, taking care of it more, giving yourself moments of peace and clarity, even letting something off your chest. For some of you I see you slowing putting down your wall. The god of Thunder, Thor, seems to have a significance for some of you? I also see the story of Atlas coming up as well, I'm wondering if their story lessons might help for some in your situation. Many of you are finally closing out a cycle, I'm seeing the numbers 999 as a sign. Learning these lessons, it may feel like it's never ending, especially with the blocks that might come up, I do see struggle, I see perhaps feeling like you're at a stand still but again, this all feels psychological; those stories, the lessons that they carry, they will help you navigate through this situation. Be aware that you have aid in the physical and spiritual realm, I'm sensing something about a home or a property of some sort, making it feel like a proper home? Curating it with possessions to your liking or hobbies. I also picked up the letters, TH, I, and O. To get through March, lead with integrity and authority over your actions, words and emotions. It's time to become the boss bitch you know you are, the world is at your fingertips this month, your ego can either be your best friend or worse enemy, keep it balanced and in check. An affirmation to speak when feeling doubt in others, "Every person I encounter has my best interest in mind." Circle back to those that have shown you interest and trust, you never know who can help you out. 

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Hello Air Signs! For the month of March, I sense some stubbornness with your emotions. I see many of you receiving different emotional opportunities for growth, creativity and gaining self knowledge but again, there's this resistance, this headstrong voice in the back of your mind saying 'what if this' 'what if that' but also its like many of you have already seen the vision, its like a beacon calling out, the green light thats burning bright at the end of their dock. I sense that this indecisiveness can be caused by a blindfold that you don't even know you're capable of taking off. Its like I'm seeing someone handing you a torch to help you see in the dark but its not dark at all you just have this blindfold on! Many of you know deep down which way to go.

For others, there's a certain situation that you need to lay out the pros and cons. Yes, it is a difficult choice, but you have to decide whats best for you and your happiness. Yes, you can pick and choose but remember if this is about another person, they have feelings too. Show empathy. After finally making this choice, I sense a new life starting for many of you, internal growth, connecting with earth, Mother Nature. Towards the end, you'll be feeling like you're living in luxury, That expensive taste and empty stomach not going to satisfy itself. This has been something you've been watering, growing, building since last year around this time. You're finally seeing the fruition of your harvest. You'll be feeling yourself towards the end of the month. Be mindful again of your emotions, learning to handle your emotions with maturity and grace. I'm picking up emotional conversations this month that can feel quite messy but its not your mess to clean up. Be mindful of building codependency. You're strong minded and you'll be getting your money up this month; don't let anyone take advantage of whats important to you. This month will be very important, you're setting up again seeds that you will see fully grow by this time again next year. A mantra to recite in the mirror, "Deep self-reflection allows me to be a better person."

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Hello Earth Signs! For the month of March, I see that you guys are also in a standstill but this also too feels all psychological. These blocks that you are experiencing are mental ones, you don't have to do it all, just do what you can for now. Take your time when it comes to making any important decisions beginning of this month, making permanent choices, move when you feel like its right and if your heart is in it. I'm picking up that there has been a start of something new but again that message to slow down is loud. 'New ideas are like succulents: too much attention and they could die.', so it's not to say to not go for these ideas, definitely go, but go with ease, with love, with care. For some, I see you guys building, wanting to build something long term. I see this mainly in business, creating a finance/business plan? Being more organized with your finances? I see many of you trying to figure out what plan will work best for you in the long run, or creating yourself a safety net. You're seeing the bigger picture in everything. Im sensing you guys being very observant? Like noticing the news, changes in laws, big events and even little events happening close to you, how its affecting loved ones and family members. I sense you guys being very mindful on the way you move, its logical, strategic, what you spend on, who you talk to but also at the same time there's this curiosity in you that you want to explore. You're seeking knowledge, parched for it. Explore your curiosities, you never know you might leave feeling satisfied that you did. Everything about this month is leading you forward, just go with the flow, trust your intuition, your heart if its telling you to move in a certain way. Spending time around water allows your emotions and energy to flow, be sure you're also drinking plenty of water. A mantra to help you brainstorm new ways to appreciate what/who you value most, " I put my love into everyday practices and effortlessly receive love back."

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Hello Water Signs! The month of March brings to you growth, new beginnings and the nostalgic feeling of spring. I'm picking up good times with friends and loved ones in the beginning. Wearing you heart on your sleeve, Know that you have people in your circle that care about you, a whole squad backing you up. Some may not necessarily see it but you can definitely feel it. Its very important this month that you are not over spending on anything that you don't have the finances for. I'm sensing money is tight for some of you so only spend on whats important, bills, food, necessities. Because of this, I'm seeing that many of you will be getting creative in ways to save money. Maybe learning how too coupon? Pinterest seems significant for some, Tips and Tricks, Recycling old things and turning them into something new? Being around water will help you concentrate and think logical, allow yourself to go with the flow this month as you work through your priorities. With everything that you might be going through it might be tough to not resort back into codependent ways but you have the strength and emotional maturity to stand tall and figure things out. Yes help is great and you should always ask for it when you need it but only when it calls for it. There's certain things that you need to take care on your own, issues that need to resolved on your own. Many of you might be feeling a storm coming, something feels like its going to disrupt your change, this rebirth that you are trying to go through, this feels like another person that might come into your life, probably already are? 

Who has their own codependent issues? But this also feels like a warning for uncontrolled forces. Something about being mindful on the road during bad weather? Hm, just be mindful of something trying to disrupt your happiness. Lead with grace. A mantra to speak as you close your eyes and visualize the mist fearless version of yourself, "I am a creative solution-oriented professional."

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