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Tarotscopes for the Signs : December     

Posted January 2, 2023

Apply your Sun, Moon & Rising Sign. 

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Hello Fire Signs! Happy New Year! I sense that many of you will be realizing throughout the month that you had something with(in) you this entire time. I sense that this is both something physical and mentality. For the beginning of this month, I see that there's going to be a lot of building, not so much from scratch, this energy feels like you'r renovating a foundation that has already been built. You're making it unique and styled to your liking, perhaps many of you might do a makeover to feel more of your authentic self. I also sense that many of you have already been pursuing passions and continuing to hone on your skills and knowledge of what you are interested at this time. I clearly see you guys in this bad bitch energy. Creating your own wealth and treating yourself to all the wonderful things that you couldn't obtain before. This doesn't have to be physical but I do see you guys in this content safe physical space, perhaps for some this could be working at your dream job, for others its being content in your own home. Now by the end of the month, I see that some might experience a challenge of decision. You sense that either of them might bring you heart ache but the choice is ultimately up to you. With the Ace of Swords, it's important to use your words mindfully. There's a message I'm picking up that has to do with Snapes last word, 'always'. The answer is yes, for your own healing, cut what needs to get cut, that includes bad habits, people that don't resonate with you anymore and  temptations that lead to heartbreak. Angel Numbers 123, 888 & 999. 

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Hello Air Signs! Happy New Years! This month's theme words are loyalty, tranquility and clarity. I sense that this will be your main focus this month. There's a lot that still being hidden from you that your intuition can sense, as well as a lot of temptations and trying to perhaps escape from responsibility, to do things that you know aren't in your best interest. The beginning of this month brings in different opportunities for you but many of them, again, aren't really what they seem or are considered a cheap thrill? I'm picking up the message about playing with fire and with it a warning that you might get burn? There's lessons still needing to be learned in the beginning of this month and it will feel like you are being attacked from all sorts of angles but you are protected air signs. You are being protected and guided to make the right decisions for yourself. Towards the end of the month, you'll experience all sorts of manifestations come into your life as a reward. This will bring that emotional fulfillment you were looking for in those temptations. Moving forward you'll be entering a period where once you had fear going but your intuition is telling you that this will be a good thing. Moving into the unknown will feel like starting over, to start over from scratch might feel overwhelming but again you are protected and emotional clarity will find you along the way to help. Angel Numbers 789, 222 & 15. 

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Hello Earth Signs! Happy New Years! For the New Year I see that you guys are quite literally starting a whole new adventure, it feels fresh, new and filled with wonder. Its okay to take risks at this time, the energy is being called for it. This months Full Moon on the 6th seems really important too. Take your time that day, be mindful of things being hidden from you from others. Not everything is what they seem that weekend. Stay strong and tall. You create your own reality as well as your own wealth. Do what you want to do and enjoy yourself in the process. I see many of you have this vision of yourself and a lot of people find that inspirational. You're doing something that other people have been trying so hard to accomplish, this isn't a competition, you just are in your own lane. Towards the end of the month I do see you moving forward in waters(emotions). Its important to take care of your mental health as well as work through any childhood trauma that might be coming up in this process. I sense that you might try to over work or take on a lot towards the end of the month to try to keep busy but the message 'don't put your foot in your mouth' came into mind. Don't make any promises or commitments that you can't keep. Keep things at a level that you know you can handle and of course, your angels are always with you.  Angel Numbers 000, 188, 999, 67. 

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Hello Water Signs! Happy New Years! Right away, I see that the New Year will be bringing you much abundance into your life, I see this especially with your physical, financial, mental wellbeing, and love life too! I sense passion and business proposals being made as well in the beginning of this month. I see someone still planning, researching the perfect seed to implement within themselves. I see someone thinking long-term and growth within their harvest so that each season things become easier, stronger, bigger and better. I see someone discovering what they want from themselves and setting it up for their future self. And then I see someone else here thats more on a spiritual journey, there's fire within them but they haven't sparked outside of it just yet. This person is still learning and questioning things; This person feels like they're coming in with this young energy that makes you feel young as well, this could be an earth or fire sign. You're both moving towards emotional fulfillment, happiness and perhaps even creating a family or enjoying family time. I even see someone building a snowman? So much happiness here, enjoy every single moment. It's a slow burn, take your time with this. Some of you will realize that it'll be better to be patient here, slow and steady wins the race as they say. There's no rush when it comes to true love feelings. Towards the end of the month there will be a choice if you want to open your heart to this other person. Your angels are with you, guiding you to do what feels right in your heart and overall well being. Angel Numbers 1010, 111 & 666. 

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