Tarotscopes for the Signs : August     

Posted August 8, 2022

Apply your Sun, Moon & Rising Sign. 

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Hello Fire Signs! This month brings in quite a turbulence where you least expect it. The word Honesty is brought up this month, as it feels like there is secrets being withheld from your knowledge or vice verse, being truthful with others is a slippery slope because you're expected to tell the truth but are sometimes told white lies. No one wants their feelings hurt but knowing the reality of things helps you live a more authentic lifestyle and less worry. The Full Moon on the 11th feels like it will highlight these truths, what comes after is where you can expect the turbulence to hit. For many of you, this is a lesson on learning how to control your emotions and anger, its okay to be upset! This is to overcome any obstacles that get in the way of you feeling all your feelings; talking to both our shadow and ego self with honesty while also moving forward with grace, self-control and determination to handle situations that are life changing with ease instead of experiencing an emotional roller coaster each time an event takes place that switches up your world. Learning to take care of yourself by taking a day off to recharge, set yourself up to just cry it all out and feel all your feelings, schedule a Dr's appointment, take a bath, go to the gym, do whatever you need to do to help yourself release and clear away any unwanted/excess energy so that you can process the situation for what it really is and help yourself make the right choices for you. With that a choice comes up this month after this where you can start a new journey, for some this requires to rewrite what you had already plan for yourself as unforeseen changes were made to your original goal but again its okay! This is the part where you can add things that you probably couldn't have before. I love the Two of Wands in readings because it reminds me of Mac Millers lyrics, "You can have the world in the palm of your hand, you still might drop it" , the song named "So It Goes" and thats actually the vibe that some of you kinda have about this situation, "It is what it is" and just keep on moving. Gift yourself flowers, I feel like it'll brighten up your mood/room too. After everything, towards the end of the month its all about working and rebuilding yourself from the bottom up, honing your skills and focusing on getting your coin. You guys are creating your own emotional and financial wealth. You don't have to depend on someone else to make you happy. The universe always rewards those that put in the hard work and when you're confident you know that life will always meet your needs whether things are going according to plan or not. Know that your ideas and beliefs aren't limited to your experience alone, shift perspectives. A Mantra to amplify abundance and honesty, " Abundance is my birthright and I receive it now. I can't always expect the truth from others but I can expect it from myself." 

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Hello Air Signs! Right away I sense a lot of growth and also this very quick energy motion surrounding this month, don't be surprise to watch the days go by quick. I feel like this might be a sign to set up your reminder notifications to turn things in on time because days are just going to fly by. There's quite a few different groups here experiencing this in different ways that I'm picking up so I'll try my best to make sense lol but for many its due to conversations being made, busy talking and spending time with someone but its doesn't feel like its small talk energy, these conversations are long and difficult, hard to talk about topics that get down to the nitty gritty but there's two different energies, its like on one side its playful and I do sense it being romantic and flirty but on another its very serious and stern. I'm getting the vision of someone playing 21 questions or just trying to get to know someone better, but I'm also sensing that some of you are doing this to sort of move on from past relationships/situationships or that you already have moved on and are now having fun with living the dating lifestyle. For those in long term relationships, (doesn't have to be romantic) I sense difficult conversation finally being spoken. I'm hearing the phrase, "you learn something new everyday", its like perhaps even though you might have known this person for so and so years, you're still discovering new things about them and thats because people are constantly growing, changing and evolving. The person you met 10 years ago might not be the same person they are today and I think there's a lot of healing behind that. I'm sensing y'all are recognizing your own boundaries and using discernment to know when to put certain things to rest and move on with peace. For others, it's realizing that if you're constantly putting energy into something and it's not giving back perhaps its time to adapt and try something else. It's easier to not take things personally when you know that life puts you in moments that help each other souls including your own to become who they are. Overall, you're driven this month to succeed in whichever endeavor that you choose so long as you stay action-oriented. To live a mindful life is not only respecting and honoring this around you but recognizing every person and circumstance on your path as a teacher, a guide. A Mantra to help dissolve judgments and remain growth, " I don't have to like the actions of others in order to love my journey. I want to expand my consciousness and my awareness."

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Hello Earth Signs! So for this month it feels important to take care of your overall wellbeing, your health. It feels like many of you are going through some personal set backs, sort of starting over or having a hard time keeping up with things, causing you to feel disappointed and sort of uncomfortable on the path that you are on. Its okay to ask for help if you need it, thats what people who you can trust are there for. I sense though that talking to others about personal issues is hard. Human interaction is needed to live, I think it's like scientifically proven so don't be afraid to talk, dont be afraid to share who you really are. Sometimes our shame and guilt weighs heavy on us to the point where you blame yourself for everything but spirit is really encouraging you to forgive yourself from your mistakes and to move on for the better because you have become a better person one way or another. For some, there might be some trouble with expressing your feelings that can cause it to express itself physically unconsciously, perhaps getting angrier easier or lashing out because you haven't spoken up about whats gotten you upset in the first place. I think this might be where Health comes in? Letting out your frustration and upset through exercise and staying nourished while you work through the situation in a heathy, mindful matter. It's setting an intention to release, its uncomfortable and sometimes honestly unbearable but the profound feeling of your consciousness just shifting after accepting evolution is so essential for our growth as a human being.  I would highly recommend to make a ritual of protection around your energy and also get energetically cleansed to feel rejuvenated. Unfortunately, we cannot change our past but you're learning to open yourself back up to take risks again. Its relearning self-respect/confidence and reestablishing a sense of self. Honestly though for some, this might not have been the new beginning that you expected for yourself but it isn't an excuse to act a fool either. Just because life feels wonky or isn't going as plan doesn't mean you can go ahead and continue to make poor judgments and its like some of you know this but enjoy the chaos? Okay random but someones grandma or mom figure is really going in on this person I can just sense them talking an ear off and your like okay you get it haha but yeah don't do anything thats common sense dumb just because you're in pain and feeling ~reckless~. A mantra to befriending pain and health, "When discomfort becomes a friend, my most limiting beliefs are healed." 

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Hello Water Signs! Okay so right away many of you this month will be going through a spiritual awakening, your third eye activating like crazy and overall intuition being heighten. This can be quite overwhelming because its like you're experiencing lot of 'ah ha' moments, just pieces of the puzzle finally coming together. With this new sense of reality, it's like you're finally ready to speak on things that you were scared to speak about before. I sense that some of you were probably gaslighted into thinking otherwise in certain situations and now just being like damn I knew I wasn't crazy? I see conversations happening this month that involves with speaking your truth. I'm sensing karma really coming into play this month as well as the justice balance scales, my fave song 'She Will" by Lil Wayne always pops up in my head when the Justice cards comes out and honestly seems really fitting for this reading as well because hmm it feels like for some there's wanting to take matters into your own hands, there's envy and from the outside its like this person that might have done you wrong isn't 'suffering' the consequences of their actions or perhaps have taken accountability for their wrong doings but ruthfully, you never truly know whats going on in another persons life and what personal challenges they might be facing. Being envious about another persons life will only lead you to disappointment and confusion, when you should be focusing on doing what you know is in your best interest, what they do with their life is none of your concern (and this goes out to anyone that might be doing this to you as well). Continuing to try to control what happens to others will only lead you through an endless cycle of learning the same lesson until you get it right. There's a lot of competition energy here when there isn't need to be. For the other group, it's a flip in energy, I see some of you growing, evolving, focusing on yourself and allowing karma to do her thang. As you grow, you'll see that there's going to be envious people wanting what you have and try to knock you down. Be ready to support yourself, speak your truth and don't let anyone deny how you feel. I'm sensing someone getting their protection game up, keep fighting for whats right and confront those that try to threaten your happiness, establish your boundaries and beliefs. You aint no love and light bitch, you're real and raw. A mantra to release envy and open/activate your third/minds eye, "I am the same as everybody but with different challenges. I am willing to allow myself to see beyond my beliefs, ideas and conclusions." 

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