Tarotscopes for the Signs : November     

Posted November 3, 2022

Apply your Sun, Moon & Rising Sign. 

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Hello Fire Signs! So first off, I wanted to share the message about your health from last month is being brought back up again. Make sure you are getting tested, vaccinated and vitamined up because winter is coming. Remember that your body is your temple and you are its sole caretaker. Its almost self-sabatoge when you don't maintain your vessel that your soul has picked out for you. Now, how can you keep up with your vessel? By making sure you are mentally, emotionally and physically happy and healthy where you are currently in life but for some of you, this month might require you to make certain changes in your life because emotionally its becoming unhealthy for you to continue on. This decision of leaving something or perhaps someone comes at a hard standstill because I see that there's a lot of love that you used to have for this but now its becoming almost painful to continue, some stay because of comfortability but even then at some point it gets draining when you don't quite match up to the energy you are receiving and giving. I do see that once you do leave and move into the unknown that life will quickly speed in. November will be filled with a lot of events, opportunities and happenings. I sense many of you coming into this powerful confident position and going after your goals and dreams this month as well. Leaving behind what no longer resonates with your spirit and finally moving into adventure and freedom. I also do see someone leading as example/inspiration to your integrity. Another fire sign placement is significant. You have a lot of passion for something, don't be afraid to show what you love to do. Be unapologetic for wanting to do what you love and don't take things personal when others walk down a different path. Your angel number is 888 this month. A mantra to help dissolve judgments and honor your health, "I don't have to like the actions of others in order to love my journey. I will honor the physical vessel that enshrines my soul."

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Hello Air Signs! For the month of November I see that judgment day is upon you. I BIG decision is to be made, its like spirit is really pushing you to make your move. The theme of this month is honesty. Being truthful with someone can be a slippery slope but sometimes a strong dose of reality is needed. You and only you, know in your heart when the right time is to be totally honest. You're being called to do something, to take some sort of action about something thats really going to change your life. Many of your relationships are going to be evaluated this month, who's reciprocating the energy you're giving and who is just taking and taking? Be mindful of this from yourself too, are you just taking and taking from someone and giving it to someone else? The only time you must be absolutely truthful is when you are addressing yourself. Make the proper changes so that the flow of energy is balanced all around. Only by being yourself do you draw in the people and circumstances that you most need to learn from. I see that once you make these changes for yourself, just like fire signs, things will be coming in for you quick! Different offers, opportunities and new relationships that will only heighten your experience. It feels like many of you before used to surround yourself with people, places and things that you felt others expected of you but now coming to terms that you are your own person who can be happy and enjoy the things you love without needing the approval or validation of someone else. Be proud to be you. When confidence is uncovered, you are living from a space of renewed purpose. Confidence allows you the peace of mind to stand tall in your truth and to move forward courageously. Your angel numbers are 666 & 888.  A mantra to uncovering confidence and honesty, "I am the missing piece that completes the puzzle of the Universe. I can't always expect the truth from others but I can expect it from myself."

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Hello Earth Signs! So the month of November, I see someone effecting your energy in a way that doesn't allow you to speak your emotions. There's someone in your circle feels to have this inferior complex. I also sense that this could also be a situation that requires patience. Moving forward this month with caution and care, especially concerning your mental health. I want to say lead with passivity. There seems to be a lot of misinformation and overall a lack of communication so again, move with caution, slow and steady pace when it comes to making decisions and speaking. The energy just feels like walking on eggshells. Know that you do have a purpose, things might feel foggy and unclear but you are here for one major goal and that is to express love in all that you do. This month you might experience some setbacks, some delays, some might even require to start all over but that is okay, especially if its something that you've been being patient about for years/months, sometimes its better to scrap everything and start fresh all together. There's a career message here for some, that your purpose in life is not your career but your career is guided by your purpose. Find what speaks to your soul and brings you joy. Your soul is being directed to your calling, follow your intuition, express your love and make contribution to the world. If you're not happy in your circumstance, that is your soul telling you that there is a better way to manifest your own gifts. Your angel numbers are 111 & 777. A mantra to help open your mind and find your purpose, "I allow myself to see beyond my beliefs and ideas. I know what I am here to do."

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Hello Water Signs! This month brings strength to find a more positive outlook in life. You are coming into November with focus, determination and persistence. I can just imagine this bulldozer crushing any obstacle that gets in their way, this is the energy y'all are giving off. It's not physical strength, this is willpower, the ability to move with purpose and genuine passion. Now I see two different sides of a coin here, its like during the day I see this confident tall stride but at night there's a different story being told. When things slow down and get quiet, when there's nothing to listen to but your thoughts as you try to go to sleep and even then once you do fall into slumber you experience dreams of fear and worry about something that could happen or go wrong. This month will have its ups and downs but it feels most important to always lead with kindness. To show generosity towards those that need it the most. Its understanding the need to put positivity into the world in order to receive it. You know there are definitely parts of life that require your serious attention but you have to learn to have fun as well. Don't neglect the things that bring you joy or make you laugh. Seek out the people who make you feel good. Do your best to listen to happy music, read interesting fiction and be wary of watching tv film and movies that darken your mood. Allow the endless chatter of this physical dimension seep into your conscious mind. Perhaps this could help lighten the mood of your dreams as well. Allow your heart to open this month as life has many gifts to offer. When giving and receiving seem exhausting this is a sign from your heart that it doesn't feel safe to open. Let your heart guide you on what feels right for you this month. Your angels numbers are 999 and 666. A mantra to liberate love and humor, "I allow myself to receive all the fulfillment I'm willing to give. I choose to focus on the lighter side of life." 

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