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Calendar Reading Descriptions

Month Ahead Reading - $24.44

Looking at the four weeks ahead we are asking what are the main themes you should focus on in the upcoming month, what to leave behind for the month in question and a gift/advice from spirit that they would like to give you.

VI Month Ahead Reading - $28.88

Looking at the next six months, we're asking what the themes of the month that will be in most focused. 

Birthday Reading - $47.77

Happy Solar Return! This birthday reading will cover many different aspects of your life (including family, friendships, health, finances and so much more) to help you prepare for another blessed year. 

XII Month Ahead Reading - $42.22

This reading is perfect for those that want to focus on planning around their full twelve months ahead. This reading will help you get an idea of what the themes are going to be for each month in the upcoming year. 

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