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Love & Life Reading Descriptions

⁂ Evaluating Relationships - $39.99

This reading is perfect for evaluating all types of relationships not just romantic. We're asking about you and the other person's wants and needs, what your strengths and challenges are as a team, the energy between the two of you, and so much more. The big question here is, are they worth it? 

Intentions, Purpose & Goals (oh my!) - $35.55

This reading helps establish what goals/intentions you are currently bringing to fullness, if you felt like you have been thrown off path, this reading will help reconnect you to your purpose. as well as messages of releasing & healing.

⁂ Two Path Reading - $43.33

This reading helps weigh out the pros/cons and a prediction of what might happen with your final decision. 

Self Care Reading - $32.22

When we give ourselves the proper care and rest we deserve we move at a much easier pace. We're letting go of any damaging expectations you put on yourself and what kind of positivity we can fill up in your life. 

⁂ When purchasing a reading involving another person or a subject event, please include their full name, if giving that information out is too sensitive, please send initials, Message for more details. 

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