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What is Tarot?

Tarot is a system of divination called cartomancy. Tarot is a self-help tool that provides clarity to the elements of your situation that you cannot see. Tarot can be read through the current energy at play, past and future but don't fret as the future is never set in stone, you are your own creator, you make your own choices. Humans have free will, with this we are able to create our own Destiny. 

Is Tarot evil?

No, I don't think so but I understand why some might find this practice frightening. People may be scared that they will hear something terrible or that they won't be able to change the future that they hear, but that's not true as the future is never set in stone, recognize that you only have the power & control of your own actions & destiny. The fear behind the unknown & the divination tool's like the Tarot, come with it needs to be not feared but be used & appreciated as tool to give insight & advice you need to change your life for the better. 

How long does a reading take? 
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I usually send emailed readings out between 2-10 business days, video chat readings last about 30 minutes depending on thee length and amount of questions are asked. If there's a delay in your reading I will message you directly updating on your reading's whereabouts. As I am only one woman, I appreciate your patience. 

Is there anything I need to do?

Nope! All I need from you is your patience in waiting & that you allow yourself to remain open-minded, being completely honest with yourself & allow things to just be. 

How long should I wait to purchase another Tarot Reading/schedule another Reiki Session ?

I personally recommend waiting about 2 weeks to allow energies to change, I don't recommend asking the same question when doing a Tarot Reading, especially if you're receiving the same answer. With Reiki, I have set up to put a protective barrier around your aura after every session, this should keep you protected for about two months, I recommend waiting 2 weeks if you feel the need to get reiki done again. 

What is Reiki?

Simply to say it's an ancient Japanese healing practice made 100 years ago for stress relief & relaxation that also promotes healing mentally, physically, emotionally and overall well being. A practice that channels energy out through the palms of our hands. It's a natural & safe way using 'Ki' or life force energy (chi, prana, etc.) to help heal from the entire primary chakra system to specific areas around your auric shield to promote healing. I don't need to be touching your body in order to send you healing reiki! 

What does reiki feel like & what might I experience?

Here are some common things you might experience/feel during a reiki healing session (distance or in-person) but not limited to: falling asleep, emotional release like crying, anxiety relief, floating, seeing flashing lights/colors, feeling peaceful, balanced, lighter or even experiencing nothing at all is a valid response to a reiki healing session. Everyone experiences it differently. 

Are there any side effects from receiving reiki?

Sometimes a person can get a headache or stomach ache or feel weak, when this happens its a good idea to drink plenty of water & get some rest. What you're experiencing is your vibrations go up and toxins from in the body are being released. This is a good sign of cleansing. You may also feel lighter and have a better sleep that night after the session. 

What should I do before a reiki session?

Prepare a quiet place for yourself where you won't be disturbed for the duration of our scheduled session. Help yourself set the mood by lighting a candle or incense, play meditation or binaural beats and of course drink plenty of water before, during and after the session. 

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What should I do after the reiki session is done?

Try not to do any heavy lifting or working with motor machinery, I highly recommend drinking lots of water and resting if you can. You can go for a walk, rest, meditate, other non-active activities to your heart's desire. 

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