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Shadow Work Readings Descriptions 

Deep Focus Reading - $32.22

Focusing on three positive aspects you are currently working towards, we fully analyze the support system these three goals are under and see exactly where you need help focusing, clearing and acting how you need to in order to fully support these three positive intentions. 

Mirror Bridge Reading - $35.55

Looking at your current state and asking about the state that you would like to transition to or are currently working towards; we're asking what kind of actions you can take to help you can achieve that goal. 

The Death (Rebirth + Transformation) - $29.99

In this shadow work reading we'll be focusing on painful emotions and uncomfortable situations that you need to release from your life, what lies ahead when you learn how to forgive yourself and work through tough emotions that might be hard to talk about, anything that you let go doesn't have to go in vain when you learn how to grow from the situation. 

Healing Your Inner Child - $25.55

We're going inward and asking your inner child what they need right now to help and heal your current state. 

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