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Corine Salgado –
Tarot Reader & Spiritual Worker  

Hello & Welcome! My name is Corine but you can call me Coco, I'm a 26 year old Spiritual Practitioner and local near the beautiful city of Chicago. I offer several different spiritual services such as Tarot Readings, which I've been studying since 2018 and more recently Reiki Healing, which I've been practicing since Summer of 2020. 

Going into detail with Tarot, Tarot is only one of the many hundreds of ways to read energy, I enjoy the imagery and details the cards provide to help give a clear answer for the person who's receiving the reading. Not only that but I'm also Claircognizance which means "clear knowing", sometimes I receive downloads of situations which later come true. Clients in the past have said that sometimes their reading won't make sense until a couple weeks later after receiving their reading where they see it play out in real time. Since starting my Services back in March of 2020, I have now over 200+ new and returning clients and have sent over 400+ professional readings.


Following my intuition and trusting the energy I'm receiving from the cards, spirit and I offer guidance, advice & words of encouragement to help you move towards your highest path & face the challenges you meet head on. 

Sometimes when I feel myself starting to doubt, I'm able to turn to the energy that I'm surrounded with and remind myself that I can trust I am going in the right direction. I hope to bring that sense of content, balance and confidence into your own personal life journey. 

-Stay Blessed, Coco La Bruja 

Pay at Inquiry. Readings are sent out within a week or less. *Scheduled Readings will be sent out upon agreed date.*

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